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About the project

Photo of Olav Duun

"Juvik People of Today" is an ongoing art and social anthropology project that looks at the island community of Jøa in Ytre Namdal. As immigrants, we want to document the diversity of the local community and capture moments and stories through analog portraits and video interviews.

The project draws a parallel to Olav Duun, one of the most outstanding authors in Norwegian literature, and his main work and novel series "Juvikfolket" which deals with four generations of a farming family. Among other things, the book series describes transitions and changes in rural society.

In this story, Duun has drawn inspiration from his childhood home of Jøa and the surrounding area, both from the beautiful and wild nature and the local community.

In 2023, the 100th anniversary of the publication of the last volume of Juvikfolket, this project will document the lives of today's residents of Jøa through visual forms and provide insight into their interests, values, community involvement and their personal relationship with Jøa as their home. Beyond that, the project explores changes in the local community in the context of current trends including centralization policies and climate change.

About Us

Lenart Lipovšek

Lenart Lipovšek is a Slovenian graphic designer who has found his home on Jøa where he moved with his wife Jasna Klara and daughter Noel. In his free time, he loves being outdoors with his family, whether hiking or climbing.

He brings his passion for design and film to explore and communicate the beautiful northern nature and the people who live here.

Pierrick Stévant

Pierrick Stévant is a French freelance photographer and full-time PhD researcher who has lived in Norway since 2009. He moved to Jøa in a smallholding with his family in 2020 and is particularly interested in documentary photography, using photography to explore places and people he is connected to.

He also enjoys experiencing nature by, for example, gathering various raw materials for cooking.

Photo of Lenart Lipovšek and Pierrick Stevant